Do Not Call Me Cisgender. You Do Not Have My Permission To Name Me.

Corine Judkins:

“I name myself. The names and words I use include female, woman, her, she, wimmin, womon, womyn. You have permission to use those words when addressing or referring to me.

You do not have the permission to call me names you have created for me, against my will and demand that I own them as mine.”

Originally posted on Uppity Biscuit:

Do Not Call Me Cisgender. You Do Not Have My Permission To Name Me.

Start/General definitions:

Cisgender is a neologism meaning “not transgender,” that is, a gender identity or performance in a gender role that society considers to match or be appropriate for one’s sex. The prefix cis- means “on this side of” or “not across” (cf. cisatlantic, cisalpine).

The term has been given credit as being created by Carl Buijs, a transsexual man from the Netherlands, in 1995. Additional roots show the name being used on a transgender website prior to 1995.

The term transgender was coined in the 1970s by Virginia Prince, a cross-dresser, transvestite, femmiphile, transgenderist in the USA.

End/General definitions

Do not call me cisgender. You have no right or authority to name me without my consent.

Cisgender is a word used by persons who have decided to name me without…

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My TERFY evil

Corine Judkins:

“It doesn’t matter if someone thinks they are a woman or has gender dysphoria. You got a knob, I’m going to run a mile.”

Originally posted on Bureaucromancy:

Hahahahahaha! This is going to amuse me all day. I got kicked from a Communist group online for “being a TERF”

My crimes were these. I said “Men have penises and women don’t”. I pointed out that as a lesbian I do not want to have sex with anyone with male genitalia (shock!) and the worst of all, described people with penises as “he”.

None of that should have been news. It’s pretty much the facts of life.

Right, I’ll be honest. First of all, I’m not a radical feminist. I would say I’m a socialist feminist. Not the same thing.

Secondly, I am a lesbian. When I think about what I would like to do, and have in fact done, penises have no place. It doesn’t matter if someone thinks they are a woman or has gender dysphoria. You got a knob, I’m going to run a mile.


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Feminism is for Women

Corine Judkins:

“As a feminist, the biological reality of the penis, and its role in the oppression of women, both historically and in modern times, makes it impossible to see it as ‘female’, even if it is attached to a trans woman. It is hugely insulting as a woman to be told to give up what you know and experience to be the truth lest you get labelled a transphobe. It is a particularly intractable problem for lesbians, for obvious reasons, and so they bear the brunt of the name-calling.”

Originally posted on Not The News in Briefs:

The thing about feminism, which really shouldn’t need to be said (but here goes), is that it was invented by women for women. It is intended to identify things from a woman’s perspective and to look after a woman’s needs – so by definition, whatever the current subject of discussion, as a feminist you centre the woman’s point of view: you always ask ‘what does this mean for the women?’ This is important because historically it has not really been done: in a patriarchal system, rules, regulations and social structures have traditionally been invented by, and implemented for, the benefit of men. Sometimes this has benefited women too, but too often it has not. Feminists exist to look after the concerns of women: somebody’s got to do it. Feminists are interested in equality of course, but when all’s said and done, it centres women. Unapologetically. That’s how we roll.


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Jazz Jennings, teen boy, shows women how to “woman”

Corine Judkins:

“But no one challenges the transgender line of thinking, because transgenderism is comfortable; transgenderism challenges nothing about the dominant gender paradigm, or the hierarchical structure that positions women on the bottom of everything. And those of us who dare ask meaningful questions about where all of this leads are slurred, villified, de-platformed.”

Originally posted on Hypotaxis:

*This post was written in conjunction with the brilliant Phonaesthetica

Hey, gals, guess what? This fourteen-year-old boy is a role model for YOU. Yep, you, full-grown-ass women. Meet Jazz Jennings, YOUR ROLE MODEL.

This weekend, we sat a spell to watch an OWN documentary all about our role model. We wanted to know more about this person that we (dykes aged thirty-eight and forty) should look to and strive to emulate.

What we learned is that Jazz Jennings is a kid who likes pink, dresses, makeup and flipping his shiny hair. Jazz is also a kid who refers to himself in third person. “I like being Jazz,” he says, as he reclines in a pink bed awash with plush animals.

Most of what Jazz says sounds forced, coached, even as he spouts off the ubiquitous tropes surrounding transgenderism: “I’m a girl trapped in a boy’s body” and “I…

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What if the left wrote about radical feminists in the same way it writes about trans women?

Originally posted on Feminists Unknown's Blog:

Can you imagine a world in which women who assert their basic humanity were believed? It’s difficult to picture. A world in which female people were not seen as whatever male people think they are, but in which their pain actually had some value and meaning.

Responses to the Bristol LGBT “they know best” posters have shown such a world is a long way off. For women even to express fear and pain is for them to be accused of violence. But is it possible to imagine another way?

Take this, for instance, in response to one attempt by feminists to challenge the rape victim-shaming original posters:

In going to university, young trans girls doubtless hope to make a fresh start. There they will leave behind traumatic school days and make new friends, none of whom will ever have known them in childhood, or will even have…

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On Planet Fitness and the question of judgment

Corine Judkins:

“It’s straightforward: They don’t want penises in the locker room. They shouldn’t have to defend their reasons why. “

Originally posted on phonaesthetica:

My parents worked hard to instill good judgment in me, because kids are born with no judgment at all: I will put this dead bug in my mouth! I refuse to wear a jacket in winter! Watch me climb up on the roof and jump off into a pile of sofa pillows I have arranged on the lawn for this purpose!

Judgment – a complex function of the brain’s frontal lobe that includes risk assessment, long-range planning, the determination of similarities and differences between things and events, and an understanding of future consequences resulting from present actions – doesn’t fully develop in humans until our mid-20s. Remember the crazy noises AOL made when you tried to get online in 1997? How you couldn’t be on the phone AND the Internet at the same time? That’s what we’re like! Attempting to connect. Page loading. Page failed to load.

Good judgment is a…

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Silence of the Trans

Or rather, the silence of the transwomen are women crowd.

I asked a very simple question of anyone who believes that transwomen are women. It should be ridiculously easy to answer by any of them, as transitioning requires that you come from one thing to go to another and as transitioning is a deliberate act, that requires you to know what you are transitioning to. I asked them what a woman is.

There was nothing but silence.

I then further reduced the difficulty level of the question by asking instead what it is a woman does. Perhaps behaviours could then pinpoint what it is exactly that those in the transwomen are women crowd believe people are transitioning to do.

Again, there was nothing but silence.

Of course, this was to be expected, as being a woman is not something you can believe you are, or something you can feel you are. A woman is an adult human female and if you’re a male, you cannot become an adult human female. This is a biological impossibility.

You can be a transwoman, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But you can’t be a woman, an adult human female, unless you were born female in the first place. That is just a simple fact of life.

One that seems too complicated or involved to grasp by the transwomen are women crowd, as evidenced by their violent efforts to suppress adult human females talking about their lives and experiences as adult human females.

Denying a biological reality does not mean that it ceases to exist. It simply means you are denying it. You can do that all you like, but it still doesn’t make it so.

Insisting that human males are the ones best qualified to decide what it means to be a woman is simply another branch of patriarchic thinking: “don’t you worry your little heads about your existence ladies, us men will decide for you what it means to be a woman and how you’re supposed to act and dress. Here, we’ll even do it for you!”.

We see you.


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