How to bungle up anti-genderism, with puppet “feminist” Noah Berlatsky.

Corine Judkins:

Gender is not a performance and it’s not a binary; it’s the fist that hits and the flesh that bruises. Multiplying the variety of fists will not preserve the flesh.

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Noah Berlatsky, the sleazy Playboy writer who calls himself a “feminist” and thinks women only matter when they give him erections.

Playboy writer and all-around puppet “feminist” Noah Berlatsky has written a contemptible article decrying anti-genderism, with all the usual straw men and hand-wringing. I am only interested in what Berlatsky has to say insofar as it reflects the commonplace “intellectual” views about anti-genderism, and if the conversation is to advance on this topic, we need to debunk this nonsense thoroughly.

The first issue that confronts us is, what is anti-genderism? What does it mean to abolish gender? In order to do so, we need to have a good understanding of what gender is. Unfortunately, Berlatsky, like most “intellectuals” who deign to discuss this topic, does not:

The problem here is a conceptual error. Radical feminists look at gender oppression and say, we must abolish gender. But it’s not the…

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Men that pretend to be women Don’t want women to be safe from rape

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A moment of honesty from

Corine Judkins:

“So there you have it. Finally, a piece where a trans writer is admitting what many of us have known – the remaining detritus of feminism has to be burnt away so that men can fully live out their gender fantasies. At least he’s being honest.

Enjoy your Liberal Feminist movement, y’all.”

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TRIGGER WARNING: LONG POST, MIXED METAPHORS is a site I try to avoid/ignore/forget about because its very existence serves to remind me what a pathetic, embarrassing, whiny, narcissistic, useless cock-centric waste of time and thought liberal “feminism” is. In fact, the very bowels of liberal feminism are represented by and, frankly, it’s fucking depressing – not just because it’s stupid and worthless, but because it demonstrates how completely lost young women are, how completely void of a political analysis they are, how deeply brainwashed they are by the men at the helm of the gender cult.

Let’s just be honest: feminism is dead. What the dominant culture calls feminism is a zombified version of the actual thing – a word that’s been made palatable for men, that’s been glittered over, the brains sucked out, and sold back to young women in the form of empowerment through fucking for…

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Gender Is Not “Assigned” At Birth

Corine Judkins:

“How arrogant of men to sit there, as the oppressive class, and dictate to women, the oppressed class, what it is like to be women!”

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Here’s the thing. It is a very serious problem when women, feminists, radfems, the media, etc., or a combination of any of the above use the phrase, “the gender they were assigned at birth.” Why? because it is incorrect wording that, when used repeatedly gains notability and with more use, it gains credibility as people see it as a true statement when, honestly, it is not. Gender is not something that is “assigned” to infants at birth. It’s not a seat assignment that someone gives you when they look between your legs and either see a vulva or a penis. That would be sex. Once again, people are confusing sex with gender.

Nothing is “assigned” to anyone at birth. Sex is determined at birth when the person delivering the baby sees its genitals and declares, “It’s a girl/boy!”; and before some joker wants to come in screaming about intersex people…

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My body, my boundaries.

So yesterday someone claimed I was erasing her existence by continuing to state that I do not wish to share female safe space with males.

I would like to take a look at that, because it is clearly not correct. She was still tweeting at me, she was still talking to her friends, she was still holding a conversation with me. Yet the simple fact that I will wholeheartedly accept any transwoman as a transwomen (and therefore not a man), but am not willing to accept that a transwoman is a woman and therefore will not share safe space with her, apparently erased her existence.

There is a lot wrong with her statement. I have not stopped her from getting a job. I have not stopped her from getting the medical care (both physical and mental) that she needs – indeed, I believe all such care, including SRS if that is what the transwoman needs to become who she truly is, should be available as a matter of course in the medical system- or wants, I have not stopped her from going out, from making friends, from having relationships. I have, as a matter of fact, not stopped her from doing anything. I will most certainly support her as she advocates and acts to gain safe spaces for transwomen, because everyone deserves their own safe space.

I simply do not wish to change in front of her as she is a biological male and I do not want to share intimate female safe space with biological males.

So where is the erasure? I am not erasing men or transwomen by not wanting to change in front of them. I am establishing my own boundaries. To here, and no further. It’s my body. And if you insist on imposing your genitals on me when I do not wish to have them imposed on me, well then. There’s a word for that. And it’s not a nice one.

My parents taught me it doesn’t matter

I was a child in the 70s, a period when, you might assume, women weren’t as equal to men as they are nowadays.

We were bombarded with messages, just like today, about gender stereotypes. About the things that little girls were supposed to do, about the things little boys were supposed to do.

When society said “boys are train drivers and girls are nurses”, my parents said: “you can be what you want”.

When society said to the little girl being hit by a little boy “awwww, that just means he really likes you”, my parents said: “if someone hits you, you hit them back”.

When society said to the teenage girls we needed to wear make up and high heels, my parents said: “you wear what you want, as long as it’s clean and mended”.

When society said I needed to stand aside and make room for the men, my parents taught me to take up space and stand tall.

Did they counter each and every message that society was sending me about what it meant to be a girl or a woman? Certainly not. Even they were not omnipotent and omnipresent, they couldn’t counter ALL the bullshit fed to me at school and out in the world.

But the one thing they did do, is equip me with the knowledge that even if what I did went against the expectations society puts on a woman, it didn’t matter. Society’s expectations didn’t matter. I was not obligated to abide by them.

So here I am. Childfree, crew cut, no make up, no dresses, no leg shaving, no shrinking violet, not nice, not nurturing, not maternal, not giving a shit woman.


It’s not as though they’ve ever been
as real as I perceive them.
It’s not as though I’ve ever seen
the life that never reached them.

It’s six and seven years ago
a lifetime in a nutshell.
The life I did not really know
the life that never lived well.

But still I sit and watch your sons
and envy you once more
Rememb’ring it and not just once
but twice, a hurtful score.

As much as I enjoy their stays
and wish they’d never leave
The pain has long and reaching ways
to grab my soul: I grieve

(c) Corine Judkins-Nugteren


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